How many times have you attempted to quit cigarettes? It is really a challenge to quit smoking, isn’t it? Quitting cigarettes is not easy, but it can be done. Some people try medications such as nicotine replacement products or other drugs available on prescription. But if you are able just to change your behavior (the natural therapy) you would be able to free yourself from this bad habit fast and forever. Let’s consider 5 best ways or tricks to quit cigarettes fast without drugs.

1) Be motivated

To tell the truth, without a strong motivation it is impossible to quit cigarettes. On a sheet of paper, make three columns. In the first one write down all the smoke-related diseases you have heard about. In the second one write down what are your own motivations to stop smoking. In the third one you can put all the benefits you will have to be free of that bad habit. Keep this piece of paper with you and read it as many times as you can every day in order to boost your motivation level. Think positive.Let your family and friends know you are planning to stop smoking.

2) Choose a Personal Tactic

How are you going to break free from smoking? Gradually or Suddenly? Since you know yourself better than anyone, ask yourself: ‘Will be better to stop suddenly and totally or cut down progressively at a pace I feel comfortable with?’ Then, stick to your plan.

3) Avoid Temptations

First at all, throw out all cigarettes and ashtrays from your home, car and office. Ask yourself: ‘In my case, what will be an incitement to smoke? Drinking a coffee? What else?’ If your friends are smokers, ask them to quit smoking with you. If they are genuine friends, they will respect your decision. The rule is the follow one: Do not put yourself into any kind of situation where you could be tempted to smoke.

4) Apply the Substitution Method

If you feel the strong desire to smoke a cigarette, breathe deeply, drink something, eat something, walk or do anything else, but delay! The experience shows that cravings to smoke pass after just a few seconds or minutes. Be strong!

5) Learn from your Relapse

A high percentage of smokers who want to stop smoking fail numerous times before succeeding. If you fall, try to learn something new about yourself in order to refine the anti-smoking strategy. Don’t give up!

Jane’s Case

How did you find these tips? Jane has been a smoker for 32 years and had tried to quit more times than she can remember. She was able to break free from smoking very fast following the above advices and many others which are parts of a comprehensive and effective Stop Smoking Plan [ She doesn’t miss cigarettes anymore and she feels so proud of herself.

Source by Alexis Roger

5 Best Ways to Quit Cigarettes Fast – Natural Tricks to Stop Smoking Without Drugs

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