Electronic cigarettes are considered less toxic and safer than tobacco smoking they are not used as a cure but do solve the nicotine cravings. They were invented by a Chinese chemist, Hon Lik and use an ultrasonic technology. He invented them because he was motivated by his father, who was suffering from lung cancer. Since his invention many companies which are manufacturing the product have made more advanced changes. They have replaced the ultrasonic technology with a heating element which vaporizes the liquid and inhaled by the smoker. It fulfills the desire of nicotine. Many people use cigarettes not just for nicotine but for holding it in their hands. They enjoy the feeling. The electronic cigarette is a solid cylindrical object which gives the smoker the sensation of smoking the original cigarette.

The traditional cigarette itself is not the danger but the additives and the chemicals present in it is the cause of diseases and hazard for the health. There are about 4000 chemicals present in the traditional cigarette and are the cause of heart, lungs and respiratory diseases. These cigarettes have many toxins which are harmful for the bystanders and the smoker himself. The chemicals present in the e-cigarettes are less harmful and safer for the user. It has the following components:

Propylene Glycol

It is a compound which is usually taken as anti-freeze. It is a misconception, as it is approved by FDA and used in many consumable products. Anti-freeze is made up of ethylene glycol not with propylene glycol. It is used in many medicines, toothpastes, cosmetics, and hand sanitizers etc. It is less harmful for human and pets. That’s why it is approved by the FDA and used frequently in products. It is used in anti-freeze to lessen the toxins in it. It is safe even if swallowed by the human beings.


Nicotine fix is the reason for which the people find difficulty in the quitting of smoking. Electronic cigarettes contain a small amount of nicotine in the liquid and fulfill the craving of nicotine in the human body. It is not as dangerous as the tobacco smoke emitted from the traditional cigarettes. The nicotine amount is far less than the traditional cigarettes. It is just for the sake of taste and fulfilling the craving of the smokers.


It is a compound which can cause cancer in the body. In electronic cigarettes few traces of this compound have been found. While in traditional cigarettes the amount of percentage of nitrosamines is very high, electronic cigarettes have 1200 times less than the amount present in the traditional cigarettes. This product is found in all of those things which are used in the nicotine fulfillment in the body like patches, gums, snuff and many more. This compound according to a study at Oxford confirmed that it is found in high concentration in the tobacco smoke. Tobacco is not used in the electronic cigarette that is why its concentration level is lesser in it and not much harmful.


Flavors are used in the liquid according to the taste of the smoker. Food flavors are used which are approved by the FDA for the use of human beings. The flavors used in the electronic cigarettes are highly concentrated, so only a few drops are used. Most of the flavors are present in the propylene glycol which makes most of the electronic cigarette liquid. A very minute amount is inhaled by the smoker as it is reduced when vaporized. Mostly it evaporates in the air.

Smokers and other potential users are usually concerned whether the electronic cigarette is a safer alternative than the traditional cigarette. So far the facts have shown that it is a much safer option. It gives a feeling of the smoking of a traditional cigarette to the smoker.

Are E-cigarettes A Safer Option
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