The atomizer as stated earlier helps you in converting the liquid contained in the cartridge into vapour form that will then travel to the mouth piece when you inhale on the electronic cigarette. Like any electronic equipment you can find your atomizer to malfunction and not working properly. This course of writing will explain the steps that will let you know how you can fix your atomizer if it goes dead. Some of the better electronic cigarette do not have a seperate atomizer, they are included as part of the cartridge or cartimizer, so this is not relevant to them!

Instructions on how to fix your atomizer

The first thing that you will need to do to fix your atomizer is to refill the cartridge. To do so you will first need to clean the threaded side of your atomizer so that there is no residue liquid on it. Blowing on it will do the trick for you. Now you refill the cartridge but gradually and slowly with the e-juice or liquid that you can order from your brand website. Use a dropper to make it more meticulous. Make sure that you don’t spill it on the atomizer as you will have to wait for it to dry off then.  At the end of the filling process make sure that you drop two drops of the liquid on the metal coil that is found on the atomizer. You can then connect the cartridge back to the atomizer and also the battery and start using your electronic cigarette.

Another way of making your dead atomizer run again is to clean the atomizer on the side where you will find a small screw. On this part you should apply some alcohol as it will allow you to remove any dirt and also solidified liquid from the area. Once you have applied the alcohol you can wash the area with water and then shake it vigorously. After this you can dry it with pressurized air by blowing it on the atomizer and especially on the area. Now you can reassemble your electronic cigarette and then you can again start using it like before.

If your atomizer is still not working by using the above two methods you can now try with the third. In this procedure you will first be required to readjust the power ports on the atomizer of your electronic cigarette. You must know that the atomizer in the electronic cigarette is positioned in such a manner by the use of rubber that the terminals that connect to the power are ideally placed to get power from the battery. But after prolong use they will be move out of place. You will need to place them back on the same position and make sure that they remain on the rubber. Same is the case for the terminals that are found on the battery. You can also clean the terminals on both the components by using a piece of fresh and clean tissue to remove any unwanted particles hindering the power supply.

How To Repair A Dead Atomizer
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