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We take a closer look at the most recognized electronic cigarette in the US, and decide for ourselves if this is really the best ecig out there!

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V2 Cigs is another top brand that we all just love here at House Of Electronic Cigarettes, we all got to test this one out and all thought the same thing… Pure Quality!

Now lets take a look at it in action:

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V2 Cigs for us, is currently the best electronic cigarette on the market, now thats a bold term, because usually you have to way up cost and quality to arrive at that decision as priorities may differ from person to person, but V2 Cigs made our job very easy, and everyone who tested their product was in agreement.

Quality of Vapor

The amount of vapor that this product produces is just amazing, we were shocked when we first tried it out, and thought that if the voltage is set so high, then the batteries going to struggle to last the day, but oh no, it lasted and lasted. The hit on the back of your throat does differ, depending on the strength of nicotine you go for, although this does not effect the vapor quality. We have to say that the quality of vapor is right up there with Green Smoke, take a look at our Green Smoke Review.

Battery Life

As previously mentioned, the battery lasted the day with some serious testing have taken place, we think it could handle 3-4 days of constant use, but its always a good idea to have your spare on charge, just incase! The V2 Cigs team seem to have got the voltage just right, and to make the battery last as it does, is a great acheivement.


V2 Cigs certainly doesn’t disapoint with the quality and quantity of flavors available, you should find some strange flavor that you will get addicited to, like myself! I always say to try a variety of flavors, as you will always surprise yourself which flavors you get to love!


The overall quality, and asthetics are just great, theres not really anymore you can say, the logo is suttle but looks cool, and the general look and feel makes you think you’ve really treated yourself.


With such a good product, you would expect a hefty price tag to suit, but again you will be surprised, granted its not the cheapest on the net, but it certainly isn’t the most expensive. We usually like to write that you get what you pay form but in V2’s case we believe you get more!

This is a great product, that for us, is the e-cigarette of the year so far!

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6 Comments/Reviews

  • John C says:
    5 stars

    V2 Cigs is an awesome electronic cigarette, I have been smoking mine for a month none stop! I’ve also just put my order in for a multi pack of flavors! Can’t wait!

  • Beantown brawler!!! says:
    5 stars

    I actually ordered the Ultimate starter kit from V2 prior to reading this great review. Id say this seals the deal for sure oh yea lol i cant wait to start vaping away and hopefully feeling better about myself than i do when i smoke those horrible (analog cigs) lmao

  • Jason says:
    5 stars

    I received my V2 Cigs a few days ago now, and can’t put it down! Love it! Thanks for the videos, it really helped me decide.
    Oh do you know what other brands are compatable with V2 Cigs, to try different flavors?


    • Nick says:

      Hi Jay! Glad you liked the product! To answer your question about compatibility, you can use Bull Smoke and Ozone smoke, the thread is the same, but try the combination kit from V2 Cigs first!

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