vaporfi logoI got the pleasure to receive from a 650mAh Pro Kit which retails for $49.99 and The pro 1000mAh variable battery which gives you control and intensity for a vaping tailored experience which retails on VaporFi for $29.99. The Pro Kit comes with a  650mAh battery an EVOD style tank and a wall charger and usb charger. These two batteries are worlds apart but still offer either the beginning vapor (with the Pro Kit) to the seasoned vapor with the Pro 1000mAh battery a similar vaping experience except for on the Pro 1000mAh battery you can adjust your vaping experience with voltage ranging from 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts. The description for the 1000mAh Pro says that it is literally for pros. I also received four juices to try Appletini, Lemon Watermelon Cotton Candy, Pear Menthol, and Lemon Orange Menthol.

vaporfi eliquid

The Appletini juice was awesome, on inhale I tasted the apple on exhale I tasted what seemed to me to be alcohol great throat hit awesome vapor production, on a scale of 1-10 I would give this juice a 9. I am not a huge fan of cocktail juices or alcohol flavored juices this is why this juice rated only a 9.

The Lemon Watermelon Cotton Candy was a very delightful juice, on inhale I got the flavor of cotton candy and watermelon, on exhale I got the Lemony citrusy almost like a lemon zest.  flavor. There was a slight throat hit but it was decent enough for me because I am not a fan of throat hit flavors…the ones you know which will make you cough and hack up a lung because you feel it get you right in the back of the throat. Yeah I am not a huge fan of those types of juices. But it had a decent throat hit, more on the milder side, awesome vapor production, and the flavors were well married in this complex juice. You could taste the layers of the flavors. This flavor I would give a 10 out of 10.

The Pear Menthol with this juice I got the taste of a Bartlett pear and on exhale I got the cool invigorating menthol well actually the menthol was both on inhale and exhale. It was a not so complex vape but a nice one. The throat hit was a lot more pronounced because of the menthol on inhale and exhale. The vapor production was out of this world, as with the two previous juices The vapor I would give a 10, the menthol was a bit overpowering to really taste the pear, but I like menthol juices so this may not be a juice for you if you are not into the in your face menthol juices.

The Lemon Orange Menthol juice another complex flavor from VaporFi, on inhale you get the citrus flavors of the Lemon and Orange and on the exhale you get the cooling sensation of the menthol.  It is a nice vape if you like menthol vapes which I do so this may not be a vape for you.  The vapor production was a 10 out of 10 and the flavor was a 10 out of 10. I thoroughly enjoyed this juice and all of the juices sent to me by VaporFi. I also enjoyed using the Pro Kit, and the Pro 1000mAh battery to test these products out with.

The VaporFi line of juices gets a 10 out of 10 from me for vapor production, flavor (even though I wasn’t that fond of the Appletini juice I still enjoyed it,) throat hit, and overall satisfaction.

vaporfi pro

The VaporFi Pro Kit gets a 10 out of 10 from me because for being a battery that is only 650mAh it still performed above and beyond my expectations, there are several colors to choose from, they produce great vapor, and are better performing batteries than some of my 1300mAh twist batteries. The tank even though it only holds 1.5ml of juice you can upsize it for a cost of $5.00 more to get a 3ml EVOD style tank and you can even upgrade your battery to a 1000mAh battery for $5.00 more as well. We actually came across this product from the SmokeTastic VaporFi review, which is great at giving you an insight of the products.

The VaporFi Pro 1000mAh battery even though it currently only comes in black gets a 10 out of 10  (I wish it came in more color choices as black is not my first choice of colors.) It is a reasonably priced twist style battery with varying voltage settings so that you can vape like a Pro!

I used both batteries for several days before needing to finally charge them today which is saying a lot for a 650mAh battery that you usually have to charge every night. I just charged the Pro battery today as well after using it very heavily last night and all throughout the testing period of the liquids that were sent to me.

Be sure to head on over to VaporFi to check out these batteries, juices and several other options that they provide on their website as far as juices and batteries go. This would be a great kit for beginners and advanced users alike.