When you quit smoking you will have nicotine withdrawals. Being prepared and knowing what to expect will make it a bit more tolerable for you. Below is a list of what to expect with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

* You most likely will be easily agitated, and quite irritable (and deservedly so).

* You may feel like you have the flu and it’s very possible to actually come down with the flu during this period.

* You will crave cigarettes more than usual.

* Focusing and concentrating on anything is very difficult.

* You are likely to have a sore throat.

* Coughing increases.

* Postnasal drip may occur early on.

* Chest tightness has been reported.

* You may be thirsty and have a dry mouth.

* Constipation and stomach pain are possible.

* Without a doubt you will have an excruciating headache.

* You will feel exhausted.

* You may suffer from insomnia.

Nicotine withdrawal can feel like torture. Here you are trying to do something good for your body and this is the payback. Your body is going through the process and it’s uncomfortable. When you are experiencing these symptoms, it would be very easy to cave in and have a cigarette to put a stop to the withdrawals. It’s not worth it. Think of nicotine as the enemy, which it is. You need to beat this thing that has controlled you for so long.

It takes about 72 hours or so after your last cigarette for the nicotine withdrawal symptoms to subside. You will have cigarette cravings and they are more frequent in the beginning and they can last between three to twelve minutes. So, what to expect with nicotine withdrawal symptoms is pretty much a miserable time for you, but knowing it will end and you are improving your health and increasing your lifespan can help you get through it successfully.

Source by Bailey Kirkfield

What to Expect With Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

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